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This is a totally new thing for me, writing a blog, writing was never really my thing, I am so much better at talking and ‘hands on’ activities; like art, not so much the ‘minds on’ subjects, “a bit of a daydreamer"! 

Cycling is a perfect daydreaming passion, and I find myself doing it all the time.   When I’m not talking to my riding partner, I’m daydreaming and sounding out stories in my head…. like this one as I tackle another challenge up Mt Buller.

I kind of like to carve the 16km climb up into bits and taste each piece like you would of the most gourmet meal you’d ever hope to dine on.

The first bit heads out of Mirimbah, it’s hot, about 10 degrees hotter than up at Buller, so right from the start I’m out of breath, what?  Come on lungs, join the party.  Maybe this is not going to happen today.  Somewhere along the way, about two or three corners up my breathing settles and I’m feeling pretty good, actually starting to really enjoy this.  

Middle bit – oh hello Gnomes, are we here already? Do I need to stop? This is a good place.  You know what happens when you stop, it's so much harder to get going again.  There is also that little moment when my leg muscles drain of any energy like they have forgotten what we have set out to do.  There will be no stopping here today.

Next middle bit – nearly there, nearly there, its flatter so I know its around one of these corners.  Whitebridge, always a relief to see you, another goal marker ticked off.  I wonder how cold that waterfall is?

First bit of the last bit – this is nice, flat and easy pedalling, followed by gradually steeper sections where trees, like sentinels, line the meandering road. The sunlight filters through their tall trunks making everything look so bright and luminous.  With such a stunning distraction I reckon I can do this today.

Its mostly shady and while I feel like peeling off layers to catch some breeze, I’m only rolling up at about…well not sure really, and don’t actually care because there is upward movement and I’m creating it with my own two legs.

I am nearly at Box Corner, aka Banana Corner, pull up, stop this freight train and let’s share a banana, because something tells me I’m gonna need it.  I am haunted by Hells Corner and for some reason I believe it to be my nemesis. 

Recharged by banana, it's time to sit back and enjoy the view, along with relatively cruisey inclines between the switchbacks.  I never get tired of looking down to the road below and I think, one day someone’s going to invent a camera that is controlled by our blinking eyes.

Last bit – the sanctuary of the shady trees diminishes and my smooth rolling front wheel rounds the corner below the Horse Hill Car Park, I know from here it's ‘dig in’ time to get to the top.  On days when the chairlift is running the idea of an easy ride up does not escape my daydreaming, but my legs just keep moving because stopping now is not an option, I’m already on the “Last Ditch Effort to Mt Buller Town”. 

Hells Corner is in my sights, aptly named is this switchback, quick little power output and it is behind me, there is an almost level breath catcher, short; very short, roll to Tip Corner, from here it's just me, my bike on the melting tarmac and the resonating sound of my rising heart beat. This last bit is tough, I wont lie, I want to give up. But wait, I’ve ridden it before, I know how it rolls, I just need to see the stone wall and I know I can muster some more determination to get over that last hump. 

Victory!  Another 16km achieved up you Mt Buller.  You are a beauty; you keep on giving in so many ways.  I now have a penchant to do it all over again.  Maybe tomorrow!





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Date: 2/11/2018
Date: 2/11/2018
That was very cool 😎..... I can only imagine what it is like to climb Mt Buller .... but you certainly gave me a true insight to the beauty this mountain has to offer.
Date: 2/11/2018
Would love to tackle Mt Buller one day. Thanks for sharing.. I know what to expect when that time comes.
Date: 2/24/2018
Congratulations, proves you can do anything if you really want to.😁

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